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Swine vs Canine !

Such is the scare , mainly fueled by the media, that the parents are willing to shell out any amount to get their children vaccinated against Swine flu. But when I ask them, have they vaccinated their child against rabies, they look  amused. “But that is given after a dog bites, and we dont have dogs around” they reason. They are not even aware of the ‘Pre Exposure ‘ schedule of Rabies vaccination. The media has not told them about this, probably because the concerned vaccine company has not paid them to do so.
Little do the parents know that Rabies is a 100% fatal disease, with no cure, can happen any time of the year, kids being more at risk and vaccination only effective way to be safe, giving a long term protection. While Swine flu is not fatal in the most of cases, curable, happens only in a particular season and vaccine is effective only for one season.
So which will you chose, Swine of canine !